Air Liquide

Rinowash Nasal Shower

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The Rinowash micronized nasal shower is the Air Liquide nasal aerosol system that allows the physiological washing and / or medicated washing of the nasal cavities. Rinowash is ideal for the treatment of pathologies of the upper airways: rhinitis, rino-sinusitis, nasal polyposis, adenoiditis and tube-tympanites.

The Rinowash nasal shower produces a jet of micronized solution which, directed into the nasal cavities, favors the hydration and fluidization of the mucus and phlegm, and its removal. The simplified assembly allows greater ease of use and practicality. The button to activate the dispensing is ergonomic and more comfortable than the previous model. The outer chamber has a soft and safe terminal for children to use. The internal safety valve has been patented to allow pressure stabilization.