Oxy-4 pulsoxometer

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OPERATION: The operating principle of a pulse oximeter is very simple: a probe generates beams of light in the red and infrared range, these beams cross the skin and the patient's circulation (generally applied to a finger), to then arrive to a photocell. Knowing the amount of initial and final light, the device is able to calculate the oxygen saturation in the patient, thanks to rather complex physical formulas, as the oxygenated hemoglobin absorbs light at precise wavelengths.


Dimensions: 66 x 36 x 33 mm

2-color display of SpO2, PR, PI, plestimogram and beat histogram, visual and acoustic alarms

SpO2 measuring range 35-99%, beat 30-240 bpm

Display adjustable in 4 directions

Continuous operation for 30 hours with 2 AAA alkaline batteries

Indication of battery charge level

Manual in 8 languages